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Top 5 3DS games of 2013

Including Honourable Mentions, Biggest Disappointments and Most Anticipated for 2014


2013 was a great year for 3DS, kicking off the year with Luigi’s Mansion 2 in March and continuing to release hit after hit nearly every month afterwards. I’ve played a good number of these games but haven’t had time to play every game. So whilst I can’t comment on Zelda or Bravely Default I’m confident in what I’m about to say in regards to these games.


Top 5 3DS games of 2013


5 Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies


Whilst many players are still waiting for the release of Pheonix Wright VS Professor Layton, Capcom went ahead and released the fifth in the main series of defence attorney games.

Pheonix Wright is a brilliant, downloadable title that smacks of well written dialogue and thought out story that really engages you. The title also marks the series transition into full 3D graphics; characters are rendered with polygons and yet somehow the charm of the original sprites is not lost. Combined with the same addictive gameplay of previous games and full-blown anime cutscenes and you have one hot potato in your hands.

Don’t be fooled by this game’s placement at 5 on this list, it’s a must-play for fans of the series and an excellent introduction for newbies at the same time.


4 Pokémon X/Y


Similar to Dual Destinies, Pokémon X/Y marks the series transition into full 3D graphics, each monster lovingly rendered in a style that is about as close to the anime of the series as you can get.

To say X/Y are the easily the most graphically impressive of the series is no understatement; trying to go back to Pokémon Black/White afterwards is going to feel incredibly jarring for many players.

Of course, the turn-based gameplay remains but with the added dynamic camera, as well as tweaks and a layer of polish to the formula, keep things feeling fresh and new. The story is nothing to scream about but then Pokémon was never known for a particularly engaging story. That’d be like complaining Mario games never evolve beyond “rescue the princess” plots.

Even if you never played a Pokémon game, Pokémon X/Y are easily the best titles in the series, and well worth a try.


3 Luigi’s Mansion 2/Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


Luigi’s Mansion 2 was easily one of the biggest “surprise” announcements when the 3DS was first unveiled. A cult-classic GameCube game starring Mario’s cowardly second-in-command?

The gameplay from the original game has been tweaked to a satisfying perfection, most of the attempts at horror are exchanged for hilarious ghostly antics and the game itself is bursting at the seams with features. Nobody really asked for a Luigi’s Mansion multiplayer mode and yet this game manages to make you want it. Not only does it feature a competitive mode that sees you racing to suck the ghosts up before your friends, but also a Co-op mode that sees you tackling the Scarescraper. Plus it’s online!

Luigi’s Mansion 2 (Dark Moon to those in the US) expands and tops the original in just about every way.


2 Animal Crossing: New Leaf


It’s so strange that this game, which is all about bug catching, fishing and digging up fossils to pay off your debt, could be so addictive. Your friends won’t be seeing much of you if you sink a few hours a day into this game. The game starts slow and takes a bit to get going, but this isn’t the sort of game you play for hours at a time. You can play this game for half an hour a day and still see results from the various tasks you set out to complete. It’s scary just how well-paced this game is.

Plus, the game changes depending on the time of year. Instead of Christmas you get Toy Day and events such as the Fishing Tournament and Bug-Catching Contest (known as the Bug Off in-game) to keep you entertained. Your neighbours and friends are chatty and friendly. There’s ALWAYS something new to find or something to do. And when you’re not bug hunting you’ll be tending your flower bed or plucking fruit from your trees.

It’s one of the very few games I’ve played with no end goal and yet is just brilliant. Not for the faint of heart.


1 Fire Emblem Awakening


Fire Emblem is one of those series I never got into. It was never a particularly popular or even well-known series in the west, until Super Smash Bros Melee introduced Marth (the series poster boy) and Sacred Stones was released for Gameboy Advance.

And yet I still never really “got” Fire Emblem. But then Awakening came along. Critics raved about it and I felt compelled to at least TRY it. After all, worst come to worst I’d just save it and trade it for something else later in the year.

Eight months later and I still couldn’t put the game down. It’s hard to define what is so compelling about this game. The game play itself is fairly simple; a combination of chess and an attribute system that gets surprisingly deep at times. But that’s just half the story. The characters and the well-written script made me want to learn more about these characters. And then the game introduces a romance system; certain character can be paired and wed with another if they fight together. And then due to a time-travelling plot device these children can be led into battle as well. Every recruitable character has unique lines for when they enter a discussion with another or when they are attempting to woo a member of the opposite sex. Playing match-maker with the different characters is an amusing and surprisingly addictive way of spending time with this game.

For me, Fire Emblem is THE 3DS game of the year. It’s telling that the game that was meant to be the “last in the series” is the one that has now got me into the series. Pure brilliance in digital form.


Honourable Mentions


Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is the final game in the main Professor Layton series. I haven’t played it myself. However Layton’s games are ones that don’t change the formula very much. Basically an interesting story that asks you to solve brain teasing puzzles along the way. This formula has worked for every game in the past so far and I can say without hesitation that Layton’s swansong will be the best of the series. Layton games don’t have the capacity to be bad. They were never Game of the Year material but they don’t need to be.


Two other games I haven’t played yet are the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Bravely Default. I have it on good authority that both these games are good but obviously I cannot say for sure.


Biggest Dissapointment


This came as a shock to me but this year’s Biggest Disappointment award goes to Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. Many critics agreed this game was a triumph, and I’m all ready to agree that Dream Team Bros is very good. But it’s got a tough act to follow after the absolute brilliance of Bowser’s Inside Story. That and the game just LOVES cutscenes and tutorials. I never thought I’d say this about a Mario & Luigi title but I got really annoyed after a particular tutorial had gone on for a good half an hour and still wouldn’t let me jump when I wanted to jump.

Game: Oh, so you can jump. That’s good. But can you have Mario & Luigi jump AT THE SAME TIME?!?!

Shockingly, yes I can.


One other title that I actually wanted to play was Code of Princess. It sounds daft but bear with me. It’s all about a princess who discovers her ancestor’s magical sword and goes on a fairly generic hack and slash adventure to defeat the villains. Personally I will support any game with a female heroine but the reviews across the board were fairly rough on the game. I can get past a cliché story and uninspired characters if the gameplay’s still good. Dodgy controls and an iffy battle mechanic really spoil it though.


Most anticipated title for 2013


I’m cheating with this one but how can I talk about Most Anticipated Title for 2014 without mentioning Super Smash Bros? It’s going to be on both 3DS and Wii U and... it’s Smash Bros.

Similar to Professor Layton and Pokémon, Smash Bros doesn’t have the ability to be terrible. Sticking with the series main formula has never hurt the series so far and would take something pretty damning to ruin it.

I’m going to stop here before I turn this into a “most wanted for Smash Bros” list.


There haven’t been THAT many titles announced for 2014 to my knowledge. I kinda do and kinda don’t want to play Yoshi’s New Island. The graphics are “OK” and they fit the style but it’s kinda grungy compared to the pastel-and-chalk style of previous games. I’ll wait for reviews on this one.


Oh, but one game I mentioned earlier on my list is right there under Smash Bros for most anticipated; Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright. I shouldn’t even need to go into why this is going to be awesome. It just is.


And that’s basically it. Thanks for reading! Please comment below

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