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I'm not a religious individual. Heck knows, I've never been baptized or anything. I've been to a few christian sermons on a Sunday morning - mostly when I was little. And looking back, I notice things about them that I wonder about. For example.

One of the stories that I think every kid in this country gets told - or learns about - one way or another is Noah's Ark. There's several issues with this story, but for those not in a christian country, I'll give the brief synopsis.
God commands Noah to build an ark.
Into this arc go two of every animal.
God floods the world to rid the world of sin.
They disembark after 40 days & nights of living aboard the arc.

So there are several things wrong with this story, both from a logical standpoint and a moral standpoint. I'll start with logic since I do love to rip these things apart - as any self-loving twat does, right?

So for starters, we have the two of every animal bit. This should be self explanatory but there's the question of "what, every animal?" A religious person will always answer with "yes, every animal." - so this includes things like turantulas, scorpions, alligators, kangaroos, dingos and platypuses? But there's no mention of most, if not all, of these animals anywhere in the bible! A Christian will then state simply, "there may not be any mention of them, but rest assured that kangaroos and platypuses were in there".
See, there are, to my mind, three possible reasons that the Bible doesn't mention kangaroos. In no particular order;
1) God didn't mention them, for whatever reason.
2) God mentioned them, but they weren't written in the bible.
3) Australia hadn't been discovered yet.
Which of those do you seriously think was the case?
Here's the low-down. Back when the Bible was written, Australia hadn't been discovered and everyone thought the Earth was flat. So they all thought that you'd sail off the end of the Earth. We've come along way since then. We now know the Earth is no longer flat (in spite of the mind-boggling advent of whatever-the-heck Flat-Earth-Atheists are supposed to be) and we also know that the night sky ISN'T some impassable boundary. See, if I was God and I wanted people to believe that the Bible was my word, y'know what I'd put in? "Tell 'em it's round."
Then you've got the concept of having two of every animal holed up in a tiny space. Y'know what happens if you hole up two lions, two rabbits, two cheetahs, two giraffes and two sheep in together? And why only two of each animal? That makes no sense. If the lions eat ONE of the animals, for example, then suddenly you've got no species! That and many animals prefer different climates and feed. It's not so bad with vegetarian animals, but with animals that eat meat you have a serious problem.
The entire concept of the ark housing hundreds of animals is completely insane.

Anyway, that's the bit about the ark over. Christianity in general bothers me. All religion does, but this one more so because it's... around.
I always figured stuff like "don't steal" and "don't kill" would be sorta THERE in your head. We're societal animals, we evolved and learned about what was detrimental to a group and what was good for the group. Why do people need a God or indeed anybody to tell them this? The Bible, as it stands, it far too wordy and long. It should just be a Post-It with the words "Don't be a dick" on it. That's all you need. Don't be a dick, be good, and you'll do well in life. I'm not saying don't work hard. But you don't HAVE to be horrible. You don't HAVE to be nice either, that's free will. But if people were just a little more patient and accepting, the world would be a better place.
Anyway, just saying.
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Submitted on
August 2, 2012