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When you hear a list of characters people want to see in Smash, odds are you're gonna get several retro characters, even some that you've never heard of before. A lot of the time though you'll hear someone mention a character from recent years. What's most surprising is that the youngest characters in Brawl were Olimar and the Pokemon gang. Why? Probably because until recently, Nintendo didn't create that many new IPs. Or, more accurately, they have NEVER been about creating new franchises. Occasionally you'll get a whiff of a new franchise only for it to remain Japanese-only, ain't that right Mother 3?

So what new characters from the most recent games could be playable? To be fair we're gonna include characters that haven't had games for years but suddenly got a fresh reboot recently. And to give you an idea as to how "recent" a game has to be to be included, we're saying from the time of Melee to now. So that's around 10 years of gaming. Olimar himself has only been around for as long as that, if not less.

So let's start with a character who actually appeared in Brawl but not as playable. Who am I reffering to?

Saki Amamiya

Having first appeared in the N64's Sin & Punishment, it wasn't until two or three years ago when Successor to Earth was released and Saki got more then his fair share of spotlight.
He's certainly got the moves; in Brawl he's shown to have great jumping ability, a brilliant projectile and a blade he knows how to use. I honestly don't know why he wasn't playable. And now I really want to play Successor to Earth.

Ashley Robbins

I may or may not have mentioned this, but Ashley Robbins comes from Another Code, a personal favourite game series of mine - despite the Wii version being a bit pants.
Ashley's one of the least violent Nintendo character in history - out-doing even the family friendly Mario! It's very difficult to see her as a Smash character and yet there are few characters I'm pumping for more then her. She uses both a DS and Wii Remote within her own game world to send mails, take pictures and open doors. She's like a modern, female Doctor Who in that sense; not very good at fighting but incredibly good at unlocking doors.


I played Contact for the DS and I still, five years later, have no idea what the hell was going on in that game. However the series did provide some new Smash fodder, and it's one of the very few games not seen outside of the original DS games.
Terry uses costumes to fight and upgrade his powers, perhaps these could work in Brawl as different special attacks. For example he can swap to a fireman's outfit to shoot water or a chef's outfit to cook. These different skills would work quite well to form some kind of moveset. I'm not so sure the professor could help but...
And to give you an idea of this' game's popularity, it's so obscure that not even the Internet really knows about it.


Released this year, Dillon's Rolling Western is... put it this way, you'll love it for it's deceptively simple depth, or you'll hate it for the bland enviroments and repetitiveness.
For all the criticism and compliments though, Dillon himself has a few moves of note. I've not played the game all the way through yet so I only have most of the starting moves. His main thing, obviously, is rolling. He uses it to attack AND move so it's interesting to say the least. He also has claws sharp enough to pull himself to a halt should he need. Combining his claws and rolling could make for a uniqe moveset. If it weren't for this guy at least.


A jRPG hero whose debut was last year's Xenoblade Chronicles. A fun game that features a giant laser sword you use to destroy mechanical opponents called Mechon. Turn-based combat is replaced by a menu that's visible at all times.
The game's serious nature doesn't lend itself particularly well to Smash Bros until you remember Samus and Snake. I do believe however that Shulk (or any of the playable characters) could be pretty awesome to play as.
His list would have to take from his specials in the game: for example Air Slash could be his Down Special, maybe Back Slash could work as an Upwards Special, Monado Enchantment perhaps could increase his statistics slightly as a Neutral Special. It's all about how you would want to play him.


The one-winged raven from Baten Kaitos, released on GameCube. Kallas is both a hero and antagonist in this story (uh-oh, spoiler alert!) and uses cards to attack.
The difference between his cards and, say, cards from other card games is that his cards are actual attacks or weapons, not monsters. Seeing as how this is his main attack method I feel his cards should be relegated to Specials whilst the twin swords he carries around would work better as normal/A-button attacks.


A cleaning robot from the game with the same name, Chibi-Robo is rather obscure but easily one of the most memorable characters ever. His speciality is, obviously, cleaning. Unlike other characters though, he's too small for a broom and uses a toothbrush instead!
The reason this guy would work is the same reason Olimar works; they're usually tiny characters who swelled up for Smash. He'd still be a lightweight but I get the feeling ROB wouldn't mind another robot on the team.


I guess you could say this is cheating, since Pit, a Kid Icarus character, was in Brawl. But I really would like to see this series expanded on. Phosphora is a smoking hot girl who fires electricity as her main weapon. This is just plain awesome, in case you didn't guess. Another electricity using character would not go amiss! She's also shown the ability to fly/levitate so her jumping wouldn't be a problem.

That's it for now. Oh wait, one more thing. I'm aware for some this will be their first time reading my journal. You should I've done other lists of varying types of Smash Characters, feel free to have a look at them. And again, like always, if you think I missed someone then let me know!

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April 23, 2012