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Been digging for some more interesting ideas for the Smash Bros Roster. Not really got any more interesting ideas so I decided to have a look through my previous lists and put up the best ideas I've had.

Saki Amamiya

Having first appeared in the N64's Sin & Punishment, it wasn't until two or three years ago when Successor to Earth was released and Saki got more then his fair share of spotlight.
He's certainly got the moves; in Brawl he's shown to have great jumping ability, a brilliant projectile and a blade he knows how to use. I honestly don't know why he wasn't playable.


A pretty cool guy who can be defined as a really slow version of Sonic. His main trick is rolling, and clawing.


A jRPG hero whose debut was last year's Xenoblade Chronicles. A fun game that features a giant laser sword you use to destroy mechanical opponents called Mechon. Turn-based combat is replaced by a menu that's visible at all times.
The game's serious nature doesn't lend itself particularly well to Smash Bros until you remember Samus and Snake. I do believe however that Shulk (or any of the playable characters) could be pretty awesome to play as.
His list would have to take from his specials in the game: for example Air Slash could be his Down Special, maybe Back Slash could work as an Upwards Special, Monado Enchantment perhaps could increase his statistics slightly as a Neutral Special. It's all about how you would want to play him.

Brigadier Betty

A lesser known character hailing from Battalion Wars. Brigadier Betty is spunk and upbeat, and this would translate well into Smash. She could fire rounds as a neutral special or summon a Tank to attack on her behalf.


A personal favourite, the lightning based warrior Phosphora is known for both teasing and taunting Pit during their brief scenes in Uprising. It would be interesting to see a non Pikachu character using electricity based attacks.


The comedy robot from Joy Mech Fight. Arguably the most vague of the characters you'll come across. Sukapon is the Rayman of Nintendo world and isn't as recognisable as his limbless rival. Interestingly he's also one of the movst-voted for retro characters in Smash. The only reason he hasn't made it in so far is supposedly because his detached limbs cause bizarre glitches.

Marina Liteyears

Another robot, this time a maid from a bizarre Treasure game. Marina Liteyears uses mostly grappling and throwing moves; something that kinda already occurs with Mewtwo. However she could take it to a whole new level. The real trick with a character like this is balancing out the power of the grabs with the reach and how long a hold would last.


Arguably you can can get vaguer, but you most certainly can't get older. Sheriff came out long before Mario ever did and was tough-as-nails. It was more down to the controls as opposed to anything else, yet he's not been forgotten by Nintendo. Not only does he get a Trophy in Melee but he also gets a brief cameo in several WarioWare games.

Metal Face

One of the main villains from Xenoblade; Metal Face was awesome until he started talking. If Shulk appears then I want Metal Face too.


This should be obvious. Come on Nintendo, come oooooon. It's RIDLEY


The female heroine of her own series of games, Shantae is awesome. And the two games she's appeared in both have moves that could easily be incorporated into a Smash moveset!


If any Pokemon's making it in, it's Zoroark. With a huge following, the massively popular fox could easily give McCloud a run for his money. Zoroark's abilities with illusions could give it the edge it needs to make a moveset.


One of the Operation Rainfall heroes, Aeron comes from Pandora's Tower, possibly one of the best RPGs for Wii at the moment. He not only uses a sword to attack but also has the Oraclos Chain that can be used for various purposes. This chain could provide him with several unique moves, including the ultimate Tether Recovery. As for a Final Smash... I dunno. I guess Elena could become a Beast to attack on his behalf?
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Submitted on
September 5, 2012