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I have seen so many games in the past that really do need sequels. They've all got rather strong cult followings but seemingly not enough to bring about new games. Most of these are from GC/N64 era so apologies if you don't recall them.

5. Buck Bumble

A bit of a nostalgia-fave, Buck Bumble was all about - you guess it - a bad-ass bumblebee whose primary goal was to nuke the enemy's turf. And by enemy I mean the Queen who was leading a mutant-insect attack on some guy's backyard.
Now, the game had several issues, including a dodgy land-take-off system that makes little sense. Not to mention that enemies have an annoying tendency to pop up from absolutely nowhere. The graphics were passable at best. yet why do I love it so?
See, I'd like to bring back Buck Bumble myself and redesign it with more realistic Sci-Fi enemies and shit but I've no clue where to even start. Obviously I'd redesign Buck to give him a cool new style. The gameplay wouldn't change much but the storyline could be altered to something a bit more epic. Plus I'd do something about the general mechanics.

4. Glover

Probably the only N64 game on this list I never played on this list, and god grief so I wish I had. Glover was an animate glove that had to recover several crystals from the various worlds. I don't think anyone needs to be told that this is pretty much a shameless Mario 64 job, but this is back when the Collect 'Em All genre was at it' best. Glover had one thing to set him apart from his rival heroes, when he finds a crystal he can turn it into a bouncy rubber ball. This allows him to slap it, punch it, slam it, bounce it, throw it and more to create a rather varied platformer that had a simple charm to it. This is another game I'd love to design a sequel for. It would've been a perfect fit for any of the three motion control systems available. Between the simple charm and solid gameplay design is a truly brilliant little gem.

3. Lost Kingdoms

This is a favourite for me and my brothers, no joke. A game where you throw cards to summon monsters, and can transform into said monsters for attacks. Lost Kingdoms (Rune in Japan) is a very under-appreciated title. Not to mention the first real RPG for the GameCube. The first game was a bit rough around the edges but solid enough. The second game was an almost perfect sequel to an already good game. There were a few things I didn't enjoy so much about II that I won't go into too much detail over (other then the ridiculously hard capture card system) but I'd love to see a sequel. PLEEEEEEASE.

2. Super Mario Bros 2

One of my favourite games ever. These days, most people know that Mario platformers come in roughly two flavours; NEW Super Mario Bros and Mario Galaxy(-ish). I don't mind but these samey games are starting to grate with everybody, am i right? So why not bring back the one game that's so wacked-out it wasn't even a proper Mario game to begin with? This was the first game I got for the GBA (not to mention one of my first videogames EVER) and a firm favourite since. This vegetable-throwing opium-trip deserves a sequel as much as any other Mario game.

1. Baten Kaitos

Rumor has it that this is getting a sequel. I've no idea but I'd love that. Baten Kaitos is probably my utmost favourite jRPG of all time. A card system that actually forces you to think. The second game I never played but I've read that it watered down the whole deck-building aspect of the game. How irritating is that? If they made a sequel that plays to the strengths of both then I'm all for it. Oh I wish, I wish that I had a wish to wish on this wish.
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Submitted on
July 20, 2012