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So, just to clarify, I AM doing a WebComic. As in, this is a thing, that is happening, and I'm making it happen. It probably won't be online til after New Year because of several things I need to do between now and then. However I AM doing it. The storyline is pleasingly simple but is gonna allow a huge amount of jokes, shout-outs and general tom-foolery.

The character... well I'm rather hacked off to tell the truth. I've got the main villain sorted out. A villain of such complex horror th- it's Crunsh. I'll throw that out there. To be frank I could've thought up this story line with just Crunsh as the main character; but there's only so far single-character jokes and characterisation will take you. So I need(ed) a protagonist. Even if the protagonist ends up losing I need one. Or two. So I'm having... Well I was originally gonna have the Space Cow until I decided I'm not so fond of the design. Ugh.

So now I'm back to square one. I have Crunsh's Sidekick finally figured out. I also have the protagonist's sidekick worked out too. I'm not sure if the hero will work out but we'll see won't we?
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Submitted on
August 7, 2012